Identifying Dangerous Guys

I have looked at the issue of dangerous men from the various perspectives of woman, mother, therapist to victims, and therapist to dangerous men. Over time, I have gathered some thoughts from the enlightening experiences I have had with both victims and perpetrators. How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved is a natural outgrowth of the sociological concerns, the experience-based awareness, the professional knowledge, the parental fright, and the feminist perspectives I have gained from my dealings with dangerous men. I came to my knowledge about dangerous men through my profession. I have been a psychotherapist for fifteen years and have treated female victims of violent crime. These women have lived through interactions and relationships with dangerous men that included assaults, stalking, rapes, emotional devastation, financial ruin, and child abductions. From their stories I learned what women have survived at the hands of dangerous men (and, tragically, sometimes not
survived, since some were murdered), and I learned what dangerous men do to trusting women.